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Mitch Jones stunned after girlfriend falls for classic Twitch prank on stream

Published: 12/Apr/2022 19:57

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Mitch Jones was left bewildered after his Instagram model girlfriend ‘thatirishgirlro’ fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Pranking Twitch streamers isn’t exactly an antiquated hobby. Since the site’s inceptin, viewers have found ways to fool streamers by giving them silly advice, trolling through text to speak and other methods.

While a streaming veteran like Mitch Jones would be unlikely to fall for classic pranks, his girlfriend, however, proved to be an easy target for Twitch trolls.

During a World of Warcraft stream with Ro in control, Twitch chat sprung to action to prank the rookie streamer with a classic button combination troll.


Mitch Jones girlfriend pranked
Ro was stunned after falling for the Twitch prank.

Mitch Jones’ girlfriend trolled by Twitch chat

With Ro playing WoW, the streamer began asking chat what her powers were and how she could access her abilities.

“Press Alt and F4,” she read before inputting the command – without realizing it would close the game.

Without warning, Mitch gasped “whoa” and shocked his girlfriend, who had no idea what she had done.

“You just got baited, dude. Oh my God. That’s the f**king… Did you just fall for that?” Jones asked.

Ro, still unclear on what happened, had to be told that the command made the game close, but she was relieved to learn that the stream was still active.


“That is the easiest trick in the book,” Jones said. “You guys are idiots, chat. No one falls for that sh*t anymore because everyone falls for gaming and sh*t. That’s one of the oldest memes on the internet.”

While it may be rare to see Alt F4 trick in action, it’s a classic for a reason and one that Twitch chat seems to always get a kick out of. Hopefully, Ro will be a little bit wiser next time she’s in need of assistance from viewers.