Twitch streamer JasonR responds to backlash over “dodging” female players in Valorant

Calum Patterson
JasonR on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and former professional CS:GO player Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski has come under fire over accusations of deliberately avoiding or muting female players when playing Valorant and other games.

JasonR, who has been streaming on Twitch since 2015 with a following of almost 900,000, is facing more accusations of avoiding or muting women after similar claims surfaced in 2018.

At that time, JasonR and his girlfriend were accused of banning subscribers in his stream if they had usernames that were “obviously girls.” Ruchelski responded, saying “I literally ban hundreds of people weekly from my stream including subs, and this sh*t’s worth a f**king Reddit thread?”

On February 22, professional Valorant player Annie Dro claimed “50+ women have experienced the Jason R effect. He will full screen his cam so you don’t see, then mute/dc if there is a girl on his team.”

“He is manipulating his audience and gaslighting them by saying he crashed every time. Refuses to address any allegations as well.”

Annie’s post was in response to streamer qtpanini, who similarly claimed that Ruchelski will regularly “dodge” matches with women, apparently “pretending his internet goes out to simply not queue with women.”

JasonR responds to backlash

On his stream, JasonR mocked the claims, joking that he “deserved all the hate” just because his game might crash when a woman was on his team.

“I can’t dodge anymore man. Lord knows there might be a girl on my team. Lord knows might be a f**king bitch on my squad, might get hated for the rest of my life.

”’Jason your game crashed, you dodged them, dude. Oh my god Jason, you deserve all the death threats.'”

Later during the stream, he denied deliberately dodging a game because there was a woman on his team.

“My game crashed, my internet crashed, my stream crashed. I didn’t hear anybody in this f**king server that I apparently f**king crashed because there was a f**king b*tch in it. My game crashed.”

Ruchelski goes on to explain that due to the specific setup of his streaming PC, these types of crashes are fairly common.

He also says that he has received countless death threats, and put his stream in sub-only mode due to swathes of abuse from viewers.

However, others claim that he is “gaslighting” his audience by saying that his game simply crashed.

During his February 23 stream, Jason made another statement about the dodging accusations. He said: “How do I disrespect women? I don’t talk to them. I didn’t know that not interacting with them was disrespecting them.

“Is this some sort of new s**t that you f**kin p***ies cry about? Is this some new s**t?”

He then continued on, asking his chat: “Where are all the VODs of when I was smurfing and playing with girls?”

In 2018, following the initial controversy around banning women from his chat, JasonR was temporarily banned on Twitch after he jokingly said “every single f**king girl on twitch are little f**king hoes.”