Disguised Toast exposes Twitch viewer after their sexist remark on Valorant stream

. 4 months ago
Disguised Toast streaming on Twitch
Disguised Toast

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang called out a viewer after they made a sexist remark during his Valorant stream. Here’s exactly what the popular streamer had to say. 

Disguised Toast is known for his comical streams and relaxed personality. The popular streamer can often be found playing video games with female streamers Valkyrae, kkatamina, and Fuslie. These streams are often filled with hilarious moments, especially when playing team-based games. 

Whether it’s teaming up for competitive rounds of Valorant or taking on the difficult content of Elden Ring, Disguised Toast can invariably be found playing with his friends. However, one commenter quickly angered the streamer with a sexist remark, leading Toast to call them out for their behavior. 

Disguised Toast calls out sexist viewer

Disguised Toast Twitch screenshot
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast made an example of a viewer in his recent stream.

Following on from the JasonR Valorant backlash, one commenter thought it would be funny to bring up the discourse on Disguised Toast’s stream. The viewer stated that they empathized with JasonR, stating that they could understand why he dodged female players in Valorant. 

However, instead of simply ignoring the comment, Disguised Toasted to make an example of the viewer. “Pretty sexist thing to type. You’re a piece of sh*t, and I’m actually curious about people like this sometimes,” explained the streamer. 

Out of curiosity, Toast decided to check their account to see who they follow and found that the commenter actually followed a lot of female streamers. “I don’t understand why you would go to a channel to flame women when clearly you have an obsession with women,” said Toast. 

“Maybe because you can’t get any and you are jealous of guy streamers who are able to have normal friendships with women? Well, that is something you’ll never have, ok?”

It was clear Toast was agitated by this remark and was keen to highlight how this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated on his channel. 

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