Disguised Toast parodies Will Smith’s slap with Kkatamina for “embarrassing” him at Streamer Awards

Disguised Toast and Will Smith Oscars slapDisguised Toast / YouTube: The Guardian

Popular Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has gone viral following a tweet he made parodying the Will Smith Oscars slap. 

The Oscars recently made headlines after Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock. This altercation has since gone viral, with many content creators using it in memes and video compilations. It’s certainly one of the most iconic moments from the awards ceremony and one that has quickly dominated entertainment headlines. 

Now, Disguised Toast has capitalized on the Will Smith Oscars slap by parodying the event. After all, just like the Oscars, Disguised Toast’s night at the recent Streamer Awards ceremony didn’t go as planned. While the popular streamer has previously highlighted his most embarrassing moment, he has decided to take it a step further. 

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Disguised Toast parodies Will Smith Oscars slap

Disguised Toast previously won an award for being voted the best Strategy Game streamer at the Streamer Awards, which he excitedly claimed from Kkatamina. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned. 

After going in for a hug, Kkatamina simply turned around, leaving Toast to awkwardly accept his reward and face the laughs from the crowd. This was arguably the most comical moment from the ceremony and one Toast has been keen to highlight. 

While Kkatamina has since apologized for the awkward situation, Disguised Toast decided to use the recent Will Smith Oscars slap to a comical effect. The content creator used a screenshot of the iconic moment, photoshopping Kkatamina’s face onto Chris Rock’s and his own onto Will Smith’s. 

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The streamer jokingly asked: “So, we’re allowed to slap people who embarrass us at awards shows now?” This tweet has since gone viral, receiving 65.3K likes, and even another gained attention from Kkatamina, who reacted to the situation on stream.

It’s clear both Toast and Kkatamina have enjoyed the humor that has come from the Stream Awards, and this likely won’t be the last time both content creators mention the failed hug attempt. 

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