Logan Paul, Hasan, Myth, react to Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022

will-smith-slap-chris-rockTwitch: Hasan / YouTube: Logan Paul / Wikimedia Commons

The internet went into a meltdown after seeing Will Smith slap Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars 2022 over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, including some of the biggest influencers.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face after the comedian joked about Jada Pinkett Smith having a shaved head at the Oscars 2022, which is linked to her alopecia diagnosis – a condition that causes hair loss.

It set the internet alight and drew reactions from some of the biggest content creators and influencers in the scene, including Logan Paul, Hasan, Myth, Shroud, Ethan Klein, and more. Here’s what they said about it.

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YouTuber turned WWE superstar Logan Paul was one of the first to comment on it. “CHRIS GOT ROCKED,” he said, expressing his shock over the incident in the form of a pun. However, he deleted the tweet shortly after.

Chris-rock-will-smith-slapTwitter: Logan Paul
Logan Paul was among the first to react to the now-viral slap seen around the world.

Twitch streamer Hasan followed suit. “This is awesome,” he said. “It was a perfect slap. Incredible execution. Heels planted firmly, fired from the hip. Connected immediately. Great follow-through. Chris Rock has boosted his defense stats. Took it like a champ.”

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Myth also reacted positively to it, saying: “I knew Will Smith was my idol for a reason.”

Shroud echoed the sentiment, describing Will Smith as a “GIGACHAD” for defending his wife’s honor by dishing out the slap.

However, not everyone was impressed. Dr Disrespect, the embodiment of violence, speed, and momentum, wasn’t a fan. “Nothing impressive on my Twitter feed,” he said. “Such a pathetic state. Let’s wake up.”

Ethan Klein also wasn’t thrilled about the incident. However, he criticized it in a more serious tone. “Will Smith is just a walking L since his wife decided to start weekly humiliating him on her Facebook show,” he said.

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“He probably should deal with whatever trauma he has with her instead of punching Chris Rock in the face for an extremely tame joke. He needs to be escorted out of the Oscars.”

After Will Smith won the award for Best Actor and apologized for hitting Chris Rock during his speech, Klein added: “Will Smith won and got a standing ovation. I’m in awe the show went on like nothing happened.

“Will Smith punched a comedian for doing his job. He’s a celebrity in the front row of the Oscars where it’s normal to be roasted, bad taste or not.” He also claims anyone defending Will Smith is suffering from “brain rot.”

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Naturally, there’s a lot of division about the incident. However, regardless of how anyone feels about it, one thing is for sure — it’s taken the internet by storm, become a trending topic, and even a new meme template.

People will be talking about it for years to come, much like they did when Ricky Gervais’ let loose and roasted everyone during 77th Golden Globes Awards in January 2020, which also produced a meme template.

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