Disguised Toast mortified by his most embarrassing moment at Streamer Awards

. 4 months ago
Disguised Toast speech at the Streamer Awards
Disguised Toast

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has revealed his most embarrassing incident at the Streamer Awards ceremony, giving fans a hilarious insight into his mortifying moment. 

The Streamer Awards are a place of celebration and excitement. Not only does the event enable popular content creators to claim recognition for their hard work, but it also gives many fans the opportunity to see their favorite content creators in a new light. 

However, just like other award ceremonies, there are times when things don’t exactly go as planned. This is especially true given the overall size of the Streamer Awards and the whole thing being a live event

Disguised Toast has highlighted one such moment where things didn’t exactly go as planned for him, giving fans a hilarious play-by-play of his most embarrassing moment. 

Disguised Toast reacts to Streamer Awards fail

Disguised Toast on Twitch
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast reacted to his most embarrassing moment at the Streamer Awards.

Disguised Toast won his award for being voted the best Strategy Game streamer, which he excitedly claimed from kkatamina. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned and the streamer revealed exactly what went wrong. 

“I went for the hug as you do at these awards,” explained Toast. “Like, I’ve seen the Oscars. You always give a hug to the presenter, like [as a] thank you.” Unfortunately, kkatamina simply turned around, leaving Toast to awkwardly accept his reward and face the laughs from the crowd. 

“You can pinpoint the exact moment my heart broke in two,” said the streamer. Toast then proceeded to play the clip in slow motion for his viewers to see. “It’s right about here, with my arms outstretched that the realization that she turned around hit me. It’s alright, not a lot of people saw it, only like a few hundred thousand people.” 


It was clear Toast found the situation comical as he couldn’t hold back the smiles when rewatching the clip. While he didn’t manage to successfully land the hug, kkatamina did post a picture of both streamers embracing after the event, Tweeting: “I’m so sorry and congrats! “I had extreme stage fright.” 

Live settings are never an easy thing and even the most experienced streamers can land themselves in awkward moments, but Toast and kkatamina certainly saw the funny side of this interaction. 

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