Disguised Toast explains how streaming on Facebook “hampered” his potential

Disguised Toast talking to camera with microphone in shotTwitch: Disguised Toast

Offline TV’s Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has explained how streaming on Facebook during the Among Us era “hampered” him as the game’s biggest content creator, as he believes he’d be much bigger than he is. 

When Among Us took over the internet back in 2020, there were a handful of groups and creators that became uber-popular thanks to their skills and entertaining lobbies, with Disguised Toast standing atop them all.

The Offline TV star streamed the party game for hours on end and found massive success uploading his highlights to YouTube to boot. However, he was slighted a bit when he wasn’t invited to Jimmy Fallon’s lobby, even though his regular lobby mates were involved.

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At the time, Toast was streaming exclusively on Facebook Gaming and while he doesn’t regret the move, he does feel it hampered his potential in the moment and believes he’d have been even bigger if he was on Twitch like he is now.

Among Us was a sleeper to beging but became a hit among streamers.

During his June 2 stream, Toast was hosting a fan Q&A with his viewers when one curious fan asked if he had any regrets about his streaming career to this point.

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“I really wish that I was on Twitch when Among Us popped off,” Toast answered. “I don’t regret signing with Facebook at all. A the time it was still the right choice, but I wish I was on Twitch because it was the biggest game in the world by a huge margin and I was the biggest content creator for it streaming wise, but I got severely hampered because I was on a platform that not a lot of viewers used.

“I think I could have hit 50-60k (subscribers) during the peak phase with a potential to hit 100k during the insane collab lobbies, but we’ll never know. That’s the one thing I wish was different.”

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Toast further noted that the conversion rate between Facebook subscribers to Twitch subs is about “five times” biggest, and given he’d got up to 20,000 on his previous platform, he could have been massive on Twitch.

Of course, he didn’t do too badly out of it anyway, but who knows how different things could have been.

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