Delta Air pilot goes viral for “speedrunning” domestic flight record

Liam Ho
Airplane flying towards camera

A Delta Air pilot has gone viral on Twitter for supposedly “speedrunning” their recent flight, arriving 54 minutes ahead of schedule.

Technology has no doubt brought the world together. Whether that be through social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, or through increases in technology that allows individuals to travel across the globe.

Now people are able to travel all around the world in a matter of mere hours, making things previously unimaginable, possible. Despite making travel fast and seamless over the years, pilots are always trying to up their game.

That’s exactly what one Delta pilot went viral for, as they recorded a flight that showcased their fantastic “speedrunning” potential, touching down a whole 54 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Delta pilot goes viral for beating domestic flight record by 54 minutes

The pilot, who goes by 876pilot on Twitter boasted about their domestic flight between New York and Atlanta, showcasing an arrival far earlier than expected.

“54 Minutes Early. My New Domestic Record.” they proudly stated.

Another user responded to the tweet, asking if pilots somehow had a speedrunning community.

“There’s a f**king pilot speedrunning community????” they questioned.

Speedrunning, which is usually associated with gaming, requires players to complete certain objectives in the shortest amount of time possible. This often requires tight timing, precision, and pre-meditated strategies in order to have a chance at claiming a top spot.

Of course, it’s not certain if there is indeed a speedrunning community within the profession of pilots, but it definitely has passengers wondering after they arrive far earlier than originally intended.

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