Passengers go viral after plane emergency lands over “biohazard” diarrhea

airplane DiarrheaVerywell / Airbus

A flight heading from Atlanta to Barcelona was suddenly forced to turn back, when passengers’ viral accounts of diarrhea “dribbling down the isles” sending the internet into a frenzy.

The Delta flight was set to travel from Atlanta, Georgina to Barcelona, Spain on September 1 when it set off on its 8 hour intended journey, however, it only made it 2 hours of the way through, before being forced to make an unexpected U-turn.

A user has posted to Twitter/X a voice transmission courtesy of LiveAtc that was made from the cockpit by the Pilot, who explained due to a “Biohazard issue, we’ve had a passenger who has had diarrhea all the way through the airplane,” then the plane had to land.

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More detailed accounts of the diarrhea incident have since swept social media and inevitably gone viral.

Passengers say Biohazard diarrhea “Dribbled down the aisles”

Users posted their experiences in response, as they shared further gruesome details of their experiences.

“It dribbled down the aisle, smelled horrible. The vanilla-scented disinfectant used on it only made it smell like vanilla s**t,” one said.

Footage has also surfaced of the passengers leaving the airplane, which shows a long brown trail all the way down the center aisle of the plane with paper towels used in an attempt to cover the mess.

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Delta gave an official statement to Insider, saying: “Our teams worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the airplane and get our customers to their final destination.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans.”

The plane was forced to land back in Atlanta and was ultimately delayed by 8 hours altogether according to Flightradar24.

Viral Airplane stories have been in full swing since summer, as the woman from the infamous “not real” plane video has since broke her silence after her outbreak.

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