Def Noodles announces another Super Roast Battle after MoistCr1TiKaL slams “horrible” event

Virginia Glaze
Defnoodles announces super roast battle 2 after moistcritikal comments

YouTube commentator Def Noodles has announced yet another Super Roast Battle after fellow creator MoistCr1TiKaL slammed the first event for being a “complete f**king disaster.”

Def Noodles orchestrated his first-ever Super Roast Battle on August 19, where he invited his critics and fellow comedians to come roast each other after being heavily criticized online over the past few months.

Def advertised the event on his Twitter account, promising fans an exciting event… but viewers were left stunned for all the wrong reasons after watching the livestream for themselves.

Many critics considered the Super Roast Battle “physically painful” to watch, with the term “cringe” being used a multitude of times to describe the “awkward” insults being thrown around between Def and other participants in the stream’s comments section.

Popular internet personality MoistCr1TiKaL notably chimed in on the situation, calling the event “horrible” and a “complete f**king disaster” in an August 21 YouTube video.

“Imagine Fyre Festival, but if it actually happened and was worse than anyone could have imagined,” he described the stream. “This is unreal.”

“Nobody knew each other, literally nobody. So all they can do is roast each other’s appearance, because they don’t know them. They’re random people he got together and told them to roast each other.”

Def responded to Moist’s comments in an August 22 YouTube video, where he sarcastically issued an apology to the YouTuber and announced another Super Roast Battle event.

“Mr. Critikal, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for causing you to cringe while watching my roast battle,” Def said. “I truly wish that you had not been forced to witness such a level of banality for your personal amusement in your entire life.”

“I’m thoroughly disappointed that I dared put something together for my fans, and that the ones who attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience, or so they told me,” he added.

Def went on to claim that “the only way for me to make this situation right again” was to host yet another Super Roast Battle, which he announced for September 2 at 8 PM PT at the same venue, with tickets being posted for sale on Tuesday, August 23.

MoistCr1TiKaL responds to Def Noodles “apology” video

Moist issued a response to Def’s video later in the same day, where he expressed confusion at Def’s claims of having “allegations” against him when Critikal felt he had only “made jokes about the event and talked about it.”

“He doesn’t owe anyone an apology, least of all me,” Moist clarified. “I f**king loved it. I thought it was delightful. But at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal. He put on an event and it didn’t go over super well with the majority of people, and that’s fine.”

Moist went on to state that Def Noodles had lost around 3,000 subscribers over the course of six hours after posting his “apology” video, claiming that the commentator’s fanbase “didn’t sign up to hear him throw these self-pity parties.”

Def Noodles hits back at MoistCr1TiKaL’s comments again

Def Noodles went on to make another video addressing the issue where he “retracted” his “apology” toward Moist, claiming it was an “ironic apology.”

“People take it seriously,” Def said. “The whole point is for me to show the other side of the coin or something other than what the commentary currently is.”

“This is all because we had the audacity to put on a show to entertain people on a Friday night and broadcast it for free for the world to see,” he continued. “And then I had the audacity to turn his reaction of him cringing into a joke apology. There’s too much seriousness being injected into this.”

For now, it seems as though Moist is done discussing the issue, leaving his back-and-forth with Noodles apparently finished.