KSI reveals why he is stepping away from boxing until 2021

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Mar 08, 2020
On Demand Entertainment, YouTube

YouTube star-turned-pro boxer KSI has revealed that he’s taking a step back from the sport, after rival Jake Paul challenged him to a fight following the defeat of his older brother, Logan Paul.

KSI made a name for himself in the boxing world after taking on fellow content creator Joe Weller, subsequently calling out the Paul brothers for a potential match.

Thus, a fierce rivalry was born between the three YouTubers, with KSI and Logan Paul meeting twice in the ring in the past two years.

TheBreadBatch, Instagram
KSI took the victory over Logan Paul in their November 9 rematch – but Jake Paul soon wanted a piece of the pie.

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Following their controversial draw on August 5, 2018, KSI ultimately emerged the victor of their feud on November 9, 2019 — but that wasn’t the end of his feud with the Paul family, with Jake calling for revenge on his older brother’s loss not long after.

However, it doesn’t look like KSI vs Jake Paul will be taking place anytime soon, as the British star revealed in an interview with On Demand Entertainment in early March at the 2020 Global Awards.

Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul notably called out KSI after his win over Logan Paul, and the two even came face to face after Jake’s January 30 boxing win.

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According to KSI, his upcoming tour schedule and music plans are keeping him far too busy to focus on training, with the social media celebrity confirming that he would hop back into the sport in 2021.

“Definitely next year,” he confirmed. “Right now, [I’m] music-focused. But yeah, after the album and all that… after we get all of that done, then yeah, of course.”

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While the news comes as a shock, it’s not completely out of left field, with boxing trainer and fellow YouTuber Viddal Riley making a similar statement in late February.

“JJ’s booked for too many tours already, too many festivals,” Riley explained. “There is no time for training, and I told him don’t take anyone lightly. Don’t come off of your tour and think you’re just gonna get into camp and fight Jake. You lock off your music. You lock-off everything and then talk.”

Although Jake Paul has made it quite clear that he’s ready to throw down at any moment, it looks like both he and his fanbase will have to wait for the eventual conclusion to the Paul bros vs KSI rivalry — and there’s no telling how it will end.