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David Dobrik addresses rumors about his sexuality

Published: 13/Jan/2021 20:37

by Virginia Glaze


David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, best known for his high-energy vlogs that feature his friend group — but considering his low-profile dating life, some rumors have spread regarding his orientation.

When it comes to YouTubers, few are as bombastic as David Dobrik. Boasting over 18 million subscribers, Dobrik — much like MrBeast — has become hailed as a veritable internet celebrity for giving away huge amounts of cash to his fans and orchestrating insane stunts (like the time he buried his friend up to his head in his backyard).

However, it seems that Dobrik’s dating life is constantly up in the air; while rumors have often circulated about his involvement with names like Corinna Kopf, singer Madison Beer, and even his own assistant, Natalie, the YouTuber has denied any claims of being romantic with just about anyone throughout his career.


It seems that his silence on the subject has sparked quite a few rumors, many of which theorize that Dobrik could be bisexual.


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Luckily for curious fans, Dobrik finally addressed these rumors in a January 12 episode of his VIEWS podcast, explaining that the heart of the speculation began with a hilarious Twitter thread.

“Yeah, people think I’m bicurious,” he began. “It was so funny — there was this whole Twitter chain going on, and everyone was like, ‘This mother****er rejected Corinna, this mother****er rejected Madison Beer.”

“Someone responded like, ‘I think he’s bicurious,’” he continued. “And the person responded, ‘No, at this point, he’s just bi-himself.’”



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While he found the entire exchange hilarious, Dobrik clarified that he is not bisexual, stating that he doesn’t consider himself bisexual or bicurious.

“I think I said something that made it sound like it, and I don’t wanna be like, ‘I’m not bicurious!’ because I don’t really care, but no, I don’t think I am,” he stated.

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Well, there we have it: Despite Dobrik’s ‘foreveralone’ status, it seems like he just hasn’t found the right girl — although he could just be keeping his love life under wraps for privacy’s sake, which, for David, is a thing that is regularly breached by overenthusiastic fans.


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