Dana White defends Joe Rogan and says he can’t be canceled amid backlash

Joe Rogan and Dana White side-by-side talking into micsSpotify: Joe Rogan/YouTube: FULL SEND

UFC President Dana White believes Joe Rogan cannot be ‘canceled’ even despite all of the controversy surrounding his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

While the Joe Rogan Experience podcast may have started all the way back in 2009, it’s grown to be the biggest podcast in the world over the last few years – with Spotify making the show exclusive to them in a $100 million deal.

Some fans of Rogan, and outsiders, suggested that the move would mean a slight move away from some of the more controversial topics that he’s covered. Though, that has noted happened, and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated that they wouldn’t censor his show.

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Calls for censoring some topics have reignited recently, with Rogan coming under fire from medical professionals. However, his boss on the UFC side of things – Dana White – believes trying to cancel the podcast host is a bit of a fool’s endeavor.

Joe Rogan in his podcast studioYouTube: PowerfulJRE
The move to Spotify exclusivity has always been a divisive one among fans.

The UFC President appeared on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND Podcast on January 21, discussing his feud with Jake Paul and some future fights in the UFC.

As he bigged up the YouTube collective for their podcast growth, the focus switched to Rogan’s show and the attempts to ‘cancel’ him in recent weeks and months.

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“You’re not canceling Rogan. And the thing is with Rogan, he’s a brilliant guy, does his homework, and he knows what he’s talking about,” White started. “And guess what? This is f**king America.  You can have your own opinion about these things, and you can voice them, that’s what this f**king country was built on. And all these little whiny f**king p**sies that don’t like it, too f**king bad. Too bad, who cares?”

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The UFC boss stated that he doesn’t think Spotify will “crack” to any public pressure either, seeing as they’ve already given him a huge deal.

Despite the repeated controversies, the move has proven to be a solid one for Spotify, to this point, as Rogan’s show has brought in millions of users and regularly leads the way as the most popular podcast.

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