Dafran reveals update on his farming career after quitting Twitch

by Michael Gwilliam


Retired Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League pro Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca shocked fans everywhere when he revealed he was becoming a farmer - but in a new update, it turns out he wasn't just trolling.

The Danish DPS prodigy confused his fans back in June when he posted a surprising Twitlonger, where he stated he would be beginning a new chapter of his life.


“I am going to be starting an education that has to do with growing fruits [and] vegetables,” he claimed, citing the fact he only has one life to live and had already spent one third of it in front of a computer.

While many thought Dafran was trolling, sure enough, the streamer seemed to disappear shortly thereafter and hadn’t streamed since. However, an Instagram post from a farmer has confirmed that the gamer is, in fact, really working with fruits and vegetables.


The photo shows the bearded Dafran smiling while holding a wheelbarrow filled with dirt or soil.

“Daniel in the picture has a big dream of growing organic vegetables and making a living from it,” the post reads in English. “He has until now been known as @dafrandude professional gamer, but the vegetables and nature pull and call in him.”

The poster recalls Dafran saying, “It's just awesome to be able to go outside every day.”


That all said, Dafran is still not an official farmer yet and has a lot to learn. “Daniel will be an intern with me a few days a week, where my most important task will be to give him as much in the backpack as possible,” the farmer revealed. “He has a really good energy and drive, and I am sure he will achieve his dream.”

It’s certainly quite a change of scenery for Francesca who was one of the most popular Overwatch streamers on Twitch before he decided to change to Valorant.

While we miss seeing Dafran’s highlight-reel plays, at least he’s doing something he enjoys and is making the most of the opportunity given to him.