Dad suddenly banned on Twitch for ‘adult nudity’ during subathon

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Streamer and YouTuber Nathan ‘Dad’ Barnatt was suddenly banned from Twitch due to ‘adult nudity’ right in the middle of his annual summer subathon.

Nathan Barnatt (also affectionately as ‘Dad’ or ‘Dad Bot’) is a prominent and beloved figure on the internet.

Best known for his comedic YouTube channel and comedic character ‘Dad Bot,’ he notably took part in both Creator Clash charity boxing events, where he emerged victorious in each of his bouts.

Outside of his boxing exploits, Dad runs a successful YouTube channel and streams on Twitch, where he was in the middle of his annual summer subathon when the unexpected happened.

Dad and Alex Wassabi pose for Creator Clash media workout
Dad (right) had a successful run in Creator Clash 2 – an event that also saw Alex Wassabi (left) take the victory over iDubbbz.

Dad gets banned on Twitch for ‘adult nudity’

On June 21, 2023, Dad’s Twitch channel was suddenly suspended, leaving fans confused as to why his profile suddenly went dark.

However, he was quick to provide an explanation, sharing a series of screenshots to Twitter that showed he’d been banned after allegedly showing ‘adult nudity’ during his broadcast.

Luckily, the ban is only for three days. Dad confirmed that he’ll make his return to Twitch on day four of his subathon – June 24, 2023.

As previously mentioned, Dad holds a subathon every summer. This year, he’d banked on streaming for a month straight – but it looks like he may have to reschedule.

He’d just begun streaming his subathon on June 18, with his ban coming in on just the third day of his month-long broadcasting stretch.

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