CouRage disccusses why TSM Myth’s Twitch viewership is down

OpTic Gaming streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop believes TSM Myth’s Twitch numbers have dropped because of his focus on competitive Fortnite.

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The Fortnite star was making an appearance on the OpTic Podcast when the panel, which included Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards, Will ‘BigTymer’ Johnson and Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, began to discuss Ninja’s success on Twitch, and what happened to Myth that saw him drop away from the top of Twitch.

Dunlop began by talking about how in the past, Myth would have 70,000 people watching him when Ninja went offline. CouRage stated that these numbers didn’t come from Ninja hosting Myth, but that it was from people searching him out when Ninja wasn’t streaming.

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“What happened to Myth?” was the question posed by H3CZ. “I think he’s refocused how he’s branded himself.” was the American’s response.

“There was a time when a Build Battle was a foreign thing in Fortnite, and Myth had the earliest clips of them.” stated CouRage. “Those clips started to go viral, which built him the name The Young Architect. He’s just refocused himself so hard into the competitive side. Myth is flying back home to compete in the Fall Skirmish so that he is closer to the East Coast servers.”

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CouRage also said that he still believes Myth is ‘The Young Architect’, and stated that in a recent game, Myth’s building skills absolutely blew him away.

With Myth’s focus now squarely on the competitive side of Fortnite, it will be interesting to see his progression through the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, which resumes on Friday, October 5.

Full disclaimer: Hector Rodriguez, featured in the OpTic podcast, is a minority shareholder of