Mr Beast appears at FaZe Tfue’s window and donates $7,000 IRL for solo kill wins on Fortnite

Popular YouTuber, Mr Beast, surprised FaZe Clan’s Fortnite superstar, Tfue, by donating to him through a window for every kill he got during a solo game.

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Mr Beast has formed a career on YouTube by giving away large amounts of money for various different reasons, and predominately to unsuspecting people.

One of his most popular methods has been challenging Fortnite players to win games or get kills in order to secure money.

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While Mr Beast normally donates his money online via a Twitch stream, he decided to change up his tactics when he appeared at the window of FaZe Clan Fortnite pro, Tfue.

Considered one of the best players in the world, challenging Tfue was always going to be a costly experience. He told him for every kill he got during a solo game, he’d receive $500.

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It took a little longer than normal for Tfue to get his first kill, but once it was secured he was showered with money by Mr Beast, with his friends in the background providing commentary through a megaphone.

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Somewhat predictably it turned out to be a rather lucrative game for Tfue, who managed to secure 13 kills in total, and was given a $500 bonus for winning the game, making it $7,000 in total. He then joined Mr Beast outside of his window to celebrate.

Tfue went on to attempt to win a game with just a pickaxe, but was unfortunately killed early in the game. 

The official upload has yet to appear on Mr Beast’s YouTube channel at the time of writing.