ComedyShortsGamer Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Jake Paul Ahead of YouTube Boxing Fight

Calum Patterson

As anticipation grows for the YouTube boxing fight between KSI vs Logan Paul and ComdedyShortsGamer vs Jake Paul, the fighters met face to face in LA at the first press conference.

Instead of being a “press” conference though, it turned out more a glorified shouting match as a packed crowd watched on – but it certainly did its job to build excitement for the fight on August 25th.

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As the younger brother of KSI, ComedyShortsGamer isn’t so much the star of the show, as the KSI vs Logan Paul fight will headline the event.

But his bout against Logan’s younger brother Jake will still be a massive deal, despite only being arranged due to Jake Paul not wanting to fight KSI (presumably for height and weight reasons).

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So, it begs the question – what do ComedyShortsGamer and Jake Paul have against each other? Outside of YouTube fame, why do these two men want to brawl?

ComedyShortsGamer, also known as simply Deji has now done a reaction to the press conference, and explains exactly that in a video titled ‘Why I do not like Jake Paul’.

“At one moment I was going to punch him. Straight up, I’m not even going to lie. Not even joking. He was annoying me, because I was like ‘sit down, dude, can we carry on this press conference?’ I don’t want to hear your lame ass jokes.”

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He continued by saying that although the entire conference was somewhat “cringy”, Jake was largely responsible.

“He made it cringe. It was cringy, but he was the main reason why it was cringe. Get a better suit, Jesus Christ.

The only reason I didn’t crack him in the mouth, is because when you see these press conferences and see someone punch, they look bad. Looking back at it, I should have cracked him in the mouth.”

You can watch ComedyShortsGamer’s full reaction to the press conference below, plus his reasons for disliking Jake Paul.