Chilled-out McDonald’s worker has perfect response to prank drive-thru order

Virginia Glaze
TikToker goes viral for hilarious interaction with mcdonalds drive thru worker

A TikToker is going viral for capturing his hilarious conversation with a super chilled-out McDonald’s worker who had the best response to his ‘prank’ order.

We’ve all been there; you roll up to your local McDonald’s, craving an Oreo McFlurry, just to get hit with the dreaded line — “Aw, sorry man, our ice cream machine is broken.”

It’s a disappointing turn of events that leaves your ice cream dreams totally shattered… but one McDonald’s customer had the best way of handling these kinds of situations.

TikToker Bryan Arnett rolled up to his Micky D’s when he was hit with a sign on the drive-thru window saying that his location was completely out of chicken tenders, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, ranch, and buffalo sauce.

That’s a very specific list of items — but it gave Arnett a hilarious idea that he immediately put into action (and, of course, filmed for TikTok).

His recording of the encounter shows him rattling off that exact order to the person working the drive-thru window in full, but in just a natural enough way to seem genuine.

“Can I please get a six-piece chicken tender with a Dr. Pepper and a medium Sprite, with some ranch dressing and buffalo?” he asked.

Luckily, the worker on the end of the line had a good-humored reaction to Arnett’s practical joke — and possibly the best response he could have asked for.

“You’re f**kin’ with me, aren’t you?” the worker asked, prompting everyone in the car to burst into laughter, which the worker joined in on.

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The TikTok has found its way to users’ For You Pages most recently after another TikToker by the name WattsonThunder re-uploaded the short clip to his account, garnering over 3 million views.

The original video, taken by Bryan Arnett, was first uploaded in August 2021 and accrued over 14 million views.

This is far from the first time McDonald’s has gone viral on TikTok; in April 2022, a proposal in a McDonald’s restaurant took the app by storm after it failed in the most spectacular way possible.

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