Censor Responds to Being Roasted by TMZ Over Breakup With Yanet

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has garnered a massive amount of mainstream attention following his breakup with Yanet Garcia in order to focus on his professional Call of Duty career.

The news made its way across various mainstream outlets after Censor announced the breakup via a YouTube video, with the veteran Call of Duty professional players receiving a myriad of negative press and attention.

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Many outside of the gaming community could not understand why he would end a three-year relationship in order to pursue a life of video games and online content creation and continuously went after Censor for such a decision. 

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After the story was picked up by TMZ and the enormous tabloid news website roasted him, Censor responded to their comments by stating that he is ‘used’ to the hate after being in the online spotlight for so long, along with mentioning how gaming was the reason he is in his current position.

“They got me, they got me good – I got roasted, man. You know, I’m used to it. Guys, I took a big hit, I took a lot of L’s […] I took a hit in terms of reputation. A lot of people just came at me and roasted me. A lot of people who, I guess, didn’t understand the gaming culture or didn’t understand anything about my life. I know a lot of you guys who’ve subscribed to my channel, who have been with me since the start understand how important gaming is to me, and how much of an impact it has had on my life.

I’ve been a gamer my entire life, I started playing video games since I was five years old, I turned pro when I was 16 – I’ve been a pro Call of Duty player for, like, eight years. So, Call of Duty is the reason why I even scored Yanet in the first place, it’s the reason I even have a YouTube channel, how I joined FaZe, how I did everything in my life, and I owe my whole life to the thought of being a gamer.”

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He later went on to state that this is the life he ‘signed up for,’ and that he can handle it.

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“I totally get it. I’m used to the criticism, this is the job I signed up for. I love social media, I love being a YouTuber, so I get it, I understand it, I can handle it, it’s okay.”

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The full video where Censor reacts to being roasted by TMZ can be viewed below.

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