Casey Neistat returns to New York City for first time after “retiring” from vlogging

Virginia Glaze
Casey Neistat returns to NYC
YouTube: Casey Neistat

YouTube star Casey Neistat notably quit his daily vlogging adventures in 2016 and moved away from NYC some time afterward — but now, years later, he’s back where it all began.

Neistat quickly rose to prominence as one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, recording his daily outings in the hustle and bustle of New York City in high-quality, ten-minute videos that he uploaded every day.

However, after 18 months of daily vlogs, Neistat claimed that the “experiment was over,” explaining that he needed more of a “creative challenge” for his content.

While Neistat had made his home in New York City for some time, in 2019, the vlogger moved to Los Angeles to “slow things down” and spend more time with his family — and although he continued to make content, it wasn’t the same as his previous daily vids.

However, nearly two years later, Neistat has finally made a comeback in NYC, and it’s a pretty big deal to his fans.

The YouTuber explained why he’d come back in a video on June 7, 2021, stating that he had visited his father after a major (and blessedly successful) medical operation, and since he was close to New York, decided to give the old homestead a runback.

“When I was coming over that hill, and I saw the New York City skyline for the first time, I’m looking at this city, the love of my life, I know my dad’s doing great, ’cause he’s out of the hospital… I literally started crying,” he said. “I was so happy!”

While he was back home, Neistat decided to congratulate fellow YouTuber ‘HELLAHGOOD,‘ who had just completed running a 3,200 mile, 84-day journey across the United States from Los Angeles to New York to benefit non-profit Soles4Souls.

Neistat is ever a generous influencer, and gave HELLAH an opportunity to shine and explain his massive project before leaving NYC after just one day there… but it’s a short trip that we can bet he won’t forget anytime soon.