Carl Froch responds to Jake Paul’s fight offer with conditions of his own

Carl Froch and Jake Paul side-by-side talking to cameraTwitter: Carl Froch/Jake Paul

Boxing legend Carl Froch has hit Jake Paul with a counter-offer after the YouTuber-turned-boxer suggested he fight Anderson Silva before they possibly square off. 

Even though he’s still a relative newcomer to the world of boxing, Jake Paul has never lacked confidence in his skills and he hasn’t shied away from calling out all manner of fighters. 

‘The Problem Child’ is putting the final touches on his training camp ahead of his fight with longtime rival Tommy Fury, but he’s also been engaged in a war of words with former super-middleweight champion Carl Froch. 

The Brit, who last fought in 2014 and racked up an incredible 33-2 record, has been critical of Jake’s boxing endeavor over the past few years. Jake urged him to fight Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva before the pair could meet and Froch could get a “payday” from fighting him. 

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Carl Froch answers Jake Paul fight offer with his own condition

Well, the boxing Hall of Famer has hit back at the YouTuber-turned-boxer, labeling him a “performing clown.” However, he says he will listen to Jake’s offer if he beats Fury on February 26.

“I won’t be fighting the Mixed Martial Arts legend Anderson Silva on your undercard, I’ve got too much respect for him. And your punch – did that even land? Very dubious,” Froch said, referencing Jake’s contentious fight against Silva. 

“Anyway, you’ve got a job to do against Tommy Fury. If by some miracle you manage to beat Tommy Fury then I’ll listen to you, I’ll have a little chat with you, see what garbage comes out of your mouth, see what you’ve got to say.”

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As it stands, Jake is yet to respond to Froch’s counter-offer, but he rarely keeps quiet even when preparing to fight someone else.

So, expect to see him fire back before long, even if the super-middleweight is threatening to send him into “orbit” and “knock that stupid barnet off” with his signature right hand. 

Who is Carl Froch?

As noted, Froch – who was born in Nottingham, England – is a boxing Hall of Famer after racking up a 33-2 record. He last fought in 2014, defeating George Groves in the second of their two fights. 

That was a domestic super fight at the time, held at Wembley in front of 80,000 fans – a fact that Froch is keen to remind fans of every time he is utilized as an analyst for fights. 

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Known as The Cobra, the 45-year-old is a two-time super-middleweight champion, so he’s around Jake’s weight class naturally. 

If anything does happen between Jake and the boxing legend, we’ll keep on top of it. So, check back for more.