Callux reveals viral TikTok “exposing him” with two women was a huge hoax

Callux in viral exposed videoYouTube: Callux

UK YouTuber Callum ‘Callux’ McGinley went viral in October 2022 after a TikTok of him, asleep in bed with two women, quickly flew across the internet, earning millions of views on various platforms after being deleted from TikTok.

The video was only a short one, with one woman laying in bed, panning the camera over to expose a sleeping Callux and another woman on the other side of the bed.

While TikTok deleted the video fairly promptly, before it had a chance to really take off, it was quickly picked up by Twitter and Instagram accounts, who reposted it for millions to see.

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Obviously, the responses were mixed, with some showing support to Callux, and others questioning why the woman in question would even record that in the first place, let alone post it to TikTok, invading his privacy as well as her own.

Almost a week later, Callux posted a YouTube video titled “explaining myself,” talking about the incident and what went down — revealing that everyone who bought into it got played.

“Unfortunately, it’s a fact: we live in a world where sensationalist content thrives,” he explained. “People love drama, they love it when people get exposed. Who cares if it’s a lie? When you refresh your Instagram, your Twitter, your TikTok, it’s like pulling a Las Vegas slot machine, because who knows what’s going to pop up next?

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“But what if you can lie and win from the same situation? Well, over the last year, I found out that people can go to some extreme lengths to lie and spread misinformation for their own gain. So, today, I’m here to set the truth free, once and for all, and let all of you know that you got played.”

He went on to explain how for around two months, he devised a plan with his team to try to get canceled, and settled on this “threesome exposed” concept, with one idea already having failed to stir up a storm.

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He says that the two women were hired actresses, and even said that some of the hate the girl who filmed it was getting was “not okay.”

Ultimately, the experiment was mostly a success. He didn’t exactly get canceled, but it did go incredibly viral, proving his point from earlier in the video with ease.