Buffalo Wild Wings worker shares hack for free food in viral TikTok

Buffalo Wild Wings worker shares hack for free foodTIKTOK: berryd_treasure/WIKIMEDIA: Michael Rivera

A former Buffalo Wild Wings employee went viral on TikTok after sharing how he used to get free food at the restaurant.

In a viral clip with over 348,000 views, TikToker BerryD Treasure wanted to know if anyone else who’s worked in a restaurant has pulled the same scheme he did in the early 2000s.

The content creator shared that when he worked as a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings during his high school years, he would often call in an order for pick-up before starting his shift. He would then specify that the pick-up was for around 5:30pm, as the restaurant’s dinner rush usually ran between 5-6pm.

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After the dinner rush died down, one of the servers would call to find out why the fake order hadn’t been picked up.

BerryD said he would usually use a phone number of someone he went to school with, so that he could also hear the story from them the next day. The person on the phone would say they never placed an order for pick-up, which allowed the TikToker to “eat the food in the back.”

He also revealed that he and his colleagues would do this once or twice a week, as they would often get hungry after the dinner rush. “So that’s how we were able to get free food during our shift,” he said.

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TikTok reacts to Buffalo Wild Wing worker’s free food hack

TikTok users loved BerryD’s story, and wanted to know more about his scheme.

“So basically what you are saying is? Make random orders at restaurants so they employees can get a treat. Got it!” one user commented.

“But was it prepaid? Lol that’s smart,” someone asked, to which the TikToker responded, “No. No one paid for it.”

“Did the managers ever catch on to this?” another asked, and the content creator confirmed that, “No, they didn’t care about their jobs. I doubt the managers even knew.”

Others thought it’d be hard to pull this off today, as most restaurants throw away food from an incorrect order or one that hasn’t been picked up.

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“My old place would make us throw away the food. Perfectly good food,” one user shared.

“The restaurant I was a line cook at stopped taking phone orders altogether because they refused to let us eat food not picked up,” another admitted.