Bryce Hall reveals his biggest YouTube video idea that flopped

Bryce Hall poses for a picture in a bright shirtInstagram: brycehall

TikToker Bryce hall has revealed to viewers the biggest idea he had for a YouTube video that ended up not performing like he thought it would.

While Bryce Hall has become a popular creator on TikTok, he actually started YouTube back in 2015, and for years has been making a wide array of viral content on the site.

He’s filmed everything from pranks to parties and is clearly always looking for the next way to level up his content, but naturally, even huge content creators can’t land a hit every time they upload a video.

On July 15, Bryce uploaded a vlog in which he attended a birthday party for fellow TikTok star Vinnie Hacker, and for a montage at the end of the video he ended up kissing multiple other guys who were also in attendance.

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But in a July 18 vlog, Bryce revealed that despite the idea, the video actually ended up underperforming.

“Side note, I kissed ten dudes for my last vlog and it flopped,” he said. “So I’m never doing it again, because obviously, it doesn’t get views.” While Bryce’s videos usually score about one million views, this particular vlog got 600,000.

He then added: “I guess I gotta kiss Riley. I still have to do that. Next video we’ll kiss Riley.”

Ever since a video went viral of Bryce kissing a girl many claimed was Riley Hubatka, fans have been keeping a keen eye out for any signs that the pair could be in a relationship.

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Bryce has been making the most of that interest by teasing fans through his thumbnails, but whether the pair are actually involved with each other is not yet clear. Ever since the star broke up with his ex-girlfriend and TikTok sensation Addison Rae, fans have been keeping watch for any new love interests in his life.