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Bryce Hall & Taylor Holder shade Austin McBroom over YouTube v. TikTok event payments

Published: 26/Jul/2021 11:43

by Ed Barnes


TikTokers Bryce Hall and Taylor Holder took a few digs at Austin McBroom over their alleged lack of payment for participation in the “Battle of the Platforms” YouTube vs. TikTok event.

Standing outside a stadium, Hall comments that “this is a six billion dollar stadium, didn’t know that”. Holder quickly responds “is that it? Why don’t we just buy it? With the money from our fi….oh.”

A lot of fans believe Holder said “fight” alluding to the payment scandal. In the video, Hall then reacts by shouting “oh” at the subtle dig.

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom
Instagram, Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom at the “Battle of the Platforms” event

McBroom has been accused of not paying some participants in the event, which he hosted. This came after the event allegedly didn’t sell as well as initially thought.


The event was expected to pull in about 500,000 PPV (pay-per-view) sales but apparently only made 136,000. This is far less than half the original sales which then put Social Gloves, the company McBroom allegedly owns into hot water.

Topic starts at 4:02

A series of scandals for McBroom

Recent scandals for McBroom started after the YouTuber vs TikToker event where McBroom was forced to deny claims the event flopped saying that the “real numbers” would be released soon.

Soon after rumors began to circulate that Social Gloves, the company McBroom allegedly owns that ran the event, hadn’t paid some fighters money for participating.

It has since been reported the show saw a loss of $10 million despite significant investment in the event.


Since then, it’s only been a month of bad news for McBroom including potential eviction as well as reportedly being sued for $65,000.

Other influencers have also weighed in with Jake Paul comparing the event to the infamous Fyre Festival and claiming Social Gloves might go bankrupt. Tana Mongeau also heavily criticized McBroom on Twitter.

McBroom has continued to put a positive spin on things promising big things in an interview with the Hollywood Fix. He also alluded to working with Showtime.