Bryce Hall looks “unrecognizable” after makeover and fans are kind of obsessed

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Bryce Hall getting a makeover
YouTube: Bryce Hall

TikToker Bryce Hall got a whole new crazy makeover in a YouTube video with the Mian Twins, and fans are actually loving the final outcome.

Bryce Hall is perhaps best known for his videos on TikTok, where he has over 20 million followers, but he also makes regular videos over on his YouTube channel where he has 3 million subscribers.

There, he documents behind the scenes of his crazy life, often taking viewers with him on wild adventures, doing plenty of interesting things to entertain his subscribers.

In his video uploaded on October 14, Bryce told viewers that influencers the Mian Twins were going to turn him into their triplet with an ambitious makeover, including makeup, hair, and a new outfit, with Bryce joking, “I’m gonna get memed for this.”

Even just after his hair and makeup had been done, one of his friends said that “it doesn’t even look like you,” and it seems like Bryce had a similar feeling, judging by the way his jaw dropped when he finally saw his reflection in the mirror.

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The team eventually decided to take Bryce’s look out in public, resulting in some brilliant clips of people’s reactions as he danced around in the street.

Fans were certainly surprised about how much the makeover transformed the TikTok star, with one commenter writing, “They made him look so different omg. Literally didn’t even recognize him.” Another said: “Bryce is such a pretty woman.”

But just as Bryce predicted, people didn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity to make memes about the situation, with some comparing his new look to the likes of Kris Jenner.

Over on TikTok, although plenty complimented him on the transformation, others compared him to beauty YouTuber James Charles, jokingly dubbing him “Bryce Charles.”

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Regardless of people’s opinion on the final look, it’s clear people loved this video from the star, and are already looking forward to his next bizarre challenge.

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