Bryce Hall admits he “deserved” punishment for Sway House parties

Bryce Hall talking to a cameraYouTube: Bryce Hall

Sway House member Bryce Hall admits he has regret over holding his controversial lockdown parties, noting that he and his pals won’t be returning to the house that had its power cut off. 

Ever since holding his 21st birthday party at the Sway House on August 14, Bryce Hall and his housemates have come under fire for skirting lockdown rules. 

It even went as far as them being reported to the Los Angeles mayor’s office, who had previously warned residents that utilities would be cut off for anyone holding mass gatherings. 

The band of TikTok stars had their power cut off and were forced to move out because of their controversial party and now Hall has spoken out about what’s been going on. 

Bryce Hall sat downIG: BryceHall
Hall and his housemates came under fire after hosting parties.

Speaking to reporters on August 21, the TikTok star said: “I regretted the party as soon as I threw the party. Was not expecting that many people to come, it happened, our power got shut off, I deserved it, and now I’m just facing the consequences.”

The 21-year-old also noted that he and his housemates won’t be returning to that house in the future and that he also hasn’t talked to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti about what’s happened. 

“I would [speak to him], I have no beef with the Mayor,” Hall added. He also jokingly challenged Garcetti to a boxing match seeing as he hasn’t made any headway with getting Thomas Petrou to take him up on his offer. 

Hall also claimed that he’s learned from what’s happened with the situation about his house and that he’s donating proceeds from his Party Animal merch to the No Kid Hungry charity amid all the backlash. 

Where he ends up living full-time moving forward remains to be seen, but it looks like he won’t be throwing any more parties while his city remains in lockdown.