Botez Sisters reveal their “most embarrassing” Chess losses against younger players

Emma Hill
Alexandra and Andrea Botez speaking on Lex Clips

Popular Chess streamers Alexandra and Andrea Botez opened up about their “most embarrassing” loses in their competitive careers, particularly from younger competitors.

Unlike most competitive sports, some of the greatest Chess players can earn their Grandmaster status at a very young age.

Renowned Chess players and Twitch streamers Alexandra and Andrea Botez are yet to be given the title, as of writing. However, the BotezLive streamers have still pulled in an incredible amount of wins and awards in the world of Chess throughout their long careers.

As with any player, they’ve also had their fair share of losses — one of which was particularly embarrassing for them when one of their opponents started doing the Fortnite dance after their win.

Botez sisters claim “kids” are the hardest to lose to in Chess

On September 11, Alex and Andrea joined Lex Clips and explained that most of their embarrassing losses have been when they’ve been up against much younger opponents. Especially, when they begin to heckle them or celebrate in an unusual way.

For Andrea, it was particularly when she was up against “kids” or “younger boys” who were “really cocky” and rubbed their success in her face during her high school years. Yet, as they’ve got older, they still have problems with some of their young opponents.

“I feel like when you’re adults and you’re paired against a kid, it’s just hard,” Andrea claimed. “It depends maybe if they’re a really sweet kid. But, most of the time I play kids they’re just really arrogant.”

However, for Alexandra, nothing quite beats being outmatched by a 14-year-old who then proceeded to do the Fortnite dance after his win as she was left to “swallow [her] pride.”

She added: “He is a very young Master. I think he became master when he was like 9-years-old or something. He’s very good at Chess and doing a lot of training, but he’s also incredibly good at trash-talking.”

The Botez sisters have been beaten by younger players during their livestreams on numerous occasions. However, with 1.1M followers on Twitch, that hasn’t done anything to dull their popularity as one of the most popular Chess streaming channels.

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