Andrea Botez stunned after 9-year-old kid checkmates her on Twitch chess tour

9-year-old checkmates Andrea BotezTwitch/BotezLive/Instagram/itsandreabotez

Twitch star Andrea Botez found herself in the awkward, embarrassing position of being checkmated by a nine-year-old boy during a chess tour in London, England.

The Chess Queens of Twitch, Alexandra and Andrea Botez, have taken the world by storm with their skills on and off the board, creating some of the best content on the site. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not unbeatable.

Both Alex and Andrea are in the midst of a global tour with the two setting out to conquer the globe. Their adventure has already seen the Envy duo take on Paris and how find themselves in London before heading to Norway and Dubai.

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During their England trip, Andra found herself partaking at a London Chess Center meetup to take on a variety of opponents, including a 9-year-old boy.


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9-year-old’s chess rating baffles Andrea Botez

As Andrea prepared to take on a mere child in the heavily combative and strategic game of chess, she inquired about the boy’s ranking and seemed confused by his answer.

According to the boy, he was 1,200 on and 2,300 on Lichess, which is quite the discrepancy.

“See chat, I told you about the inflation!” she joked. “2,300 actually? How did that happen? Did you let your dad play on your account?”

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Regardless, she agreed to take the game seriously and once the two shook hands, it was on and the battle for ultimate chess supremacy and probably the fate of the world had begun.

Botez Gambit: Andrea blunders against child chess player

As the game commenced and pieces became casualties on both sides, Andrea pondered her next move and opted to move a pawn – a choice that ended up being extremely costly.

In chess, there is a meme associated with the Botez sisters where someone’s blunder ends up costing them their queen. That’s exactly what happened with Andrea as by moving her pawn, she left her queen exposed.

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“Oh no,” she gasped, before trying to undo the move. However, the rules of the match pertaining to touching pieces weren’t pre-determined, so Andrea decided to just let him take her queen.

This sparked momentum back on the kid’s side who commanded his pieces like a general leading an army against Andrea’s diminishing forces.

Botez checkmated by a kid

Eventually, the kid stood up to play the rest of the game, overseeing the board and pushed closer towards capturing Andrea’s king to end the match.

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Despite having fourteen seconds left to work with, Andrea realized she was probably too relaxed and she was in no position to win it out.

After one final move by her, the boy was able to position his queen on the board’s back rank to put Andrea’s king in checkmate to secure the victory.

While Andrea may have lost the battle, the clip spread on Reddit, bringing even more attention to her stream in the process. Outstanding move!

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Alexandra even poked fun at her younger sister on Twitter, commenting, “what’s new” after Andrea posted about the loss.

With the chess tour still ongoing, it will be fun to see what other shenanigans Botez sisters can get into and if anyone can top this nine-year-old’s chess prowess.

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