Twitter users shocked as full Super Mario Bros Movie remains on site

Mario from Super Mario Bros movie next to Twitter logoNintendo

Twitter users are stunned as the full version of the new Super Mario Bros movie was uploaded and still remains on the site.

Since Elon Musk’s $44 billion dollar acquisition of Twitter last year, the social media platform has undergone many changes under its new leadership.

The changes are in hopes of turning around Twitter’s financial situation — with the aim of making the platform profitable again for the first time since 2019.

Among the changes include the widespread introduction of Twitter Blue — which comes with a ton of perks, including the ability to upload longer, high-quality videos to the platform. However, the feature has been used in some bizarre ways, with users even posting full-length movies.

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On April 28, user ‘OMGitssAshley’ took the opportunity to upload the full version of the new Super Mario Bros movie. While typically the video would be quickly taken down, many are baffled as the movie still remains available almost two days later.

In a tweet on April 30, user ‘steinkobbe’ noted how the full Super Mario Bros movie is still available to watch over 40 hours later. “The entire Super Mario movie was posted to twitter over 40 hours ago and is still up,” they wrote.

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“You can tell Twitter just isn’t equipped to handle this anymore because they did delete other full movies posted by that same account while leaving this one up,” one user replied.

“Maybe it wasn’t a great idea after all to fire the whole moderation team,” said another.

So far, Elon Musk has described his experience of running Twitter as “quite painful,” and a “stressful situation.”

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