Elon Musk shuts down Twitter “troll” claiming new Profile Viewers feature is on the way

Jeremy Gan
Elon Musk in TED interview

Elon Musk shut down a Twitter “troll” claiming a new Profile Viewers feature, similar to LinkedIn, is on the way to the social media app. 

Despite still going through a turbulent period since Elon Musk’s buyout of the social media app, Twitter has been consistently adding new features in hopes of monetizing the platform through the Twitter Blue program. 

However, because of the plethora of features constantly being added, false information around such features has a tendency of catching fire online.

This is what happened on July 16 when an intentional “troll” claimed that Twitter was adding a Profile Viewers feature, akin to LinkedIn’s profile view feature. 

Matt Esparaza, a self-confessed troll and someone who explicitly states they post parody and satire news said, “Twitter to introduce “profile viewers” similar to LinkedIn which allows users to see who visited their profiles in the last 24 hours.” 

“Twitter Blue Subscribers are allowed to turn on “Private Profile Browsing” for anonymous browsing.” 

With the post soon taking off and gaining traction on Twitter, it eventually made its way onto the timeline of Twitter owner Elon Musk himself. Immediately shutting down the claim, he responded with a very simple “not happening.”

To which Esparaza jokingly wrote in response, “Man I don’t think Elon and I are ever gonna be besties after this troll.” 

Interestingly enough, despite not being a real feature, many in response to Esparaza’s tweet were interested in the idea of the feature on Twitter. 

In addition, LinkedIn, which is where this feature is lifted from, has a “premium” subscription program users can buy to view a full list of who has viewed your account. Which in Elon’s rush to make Twitter profitable, may very well be an attractive feature to have down the line. But of yet, the owner himself has confirmed nothing of this nature is in the works.