What is Bingus? The origin of Corpse Husband’s Among Us meme

Shane King
Bingus, Among Us, and CorpseInnersloth / Corpse Husband / subarusocks IG

What does Bingus mean? You may have heard some of your favorite YouTubers and content creators talking about it, or just randomly throwing this word around. It’s actually just a bizarre inside joke, made popular due to Corpse Husband shouting it out in his Among Us games.

So what is Bingus? The short answer: Bingus is a hairless sphinx cat that went viral back in March of 2020, thanks to an Instagram video. In the latter part of 2020 this cat’s popularity has surged once again, mainly because of YouTuber Corpse Husband.

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Where did the hi Bingus meme come from?

The meme’s origin is on Instagram where a video was posted by user ‘Subaru Rocks’. Countless meme accounts reposted the video naming the cat Bingus, and the name just stuck.

Who knows what the cat’s name really is, but Bingus is the official name now.


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Following these Instagram posts, the meme skyrocketed even more as it found its way to Reddit. User u/haydongers posted an image to the subreddit /r/ambien (a place dedicated to “things you did on Ambien”) back in September 2020 with the title “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. hi bingus…”

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This post racked up over 3700 upvotes, as well as multiple Reddit post of the month awards. After the post exploded to the front page of Reddit, it didn’t take long to be shared on Twitter as well.

How did Corpse Husband help Bingus spread?

Bingus has seen a spike once again due to Corpse Husband.  The horror YouTuber turned recording artist and Among Us streamer has Tweeted about the bald cat numerous times on both his main Twitter account Corpse_Husband and his alt CORPSE_alt.

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During his Among Us streams, he has also used Bingus as his ‘activation’ word. When he is the imposter and someone shouts ‘Bingus!’, he will kill whoever they stand next to, in a similar way to Valkyrae’s ‘Babushka’.

The word has become an inside joke between the Among Us group and fans on Twitter, with people using it to kill others in games and also joking about it later. Sykkuno accidentally calling the Bingus, Bing Bong, Inside Out led to it trending on Twitter for hours.

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While playing Rust Corpse also made a sign on Sykkuno’s house where he wrote out Bingus in his own handwriting to try and impress Sykkuno who loved the addition.

A highlight of the moment blew up on Twitter as well, as fans shared the best moments of the Bingus meme.

Is Bingus on Social Media?

The cat in the original video posted on Instagram was confirmed to be from China. A user on Discord found the owner’s Douyin account (a Chinese version of TikTok). This led to people finding the owner’s TikTok. Unfortunately, the TikTok account has now been deleted by the owner.

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The internet may have come a long way in terms of technology but it seems its meme culture is still very similar to its founding days, as a cat is still the thing that everyone obsesses over.

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