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Best viral memes about Spotify Wrapped 2020

Published: 3/Dec/2020 18:07

by Georgina Smith


Spotify users across the internet are going viral for their hilarious takes on Spotify Wrapped, a yearly roundup of individual users ’ listening habits from the past 12 months. Here’s some of the funniest.

It’s that time of year again; the time where Spotify listeners across the globe are confronted with a statistical breakdown of their music habits from the past year. While it’s certainly fascinating to see just how many hours of that one artist you listen to, the roundup often bears some rather bizarre results.

User’s personal slideshow can be accessed from the Spotify app, and features statistics like your total minutes listened, top five artists, top five songs, and more.


People have been flocking to the app to unearth the darkest secrets of their 2020 listens, and in the true fashion of the internet, Spotify users haven’t hesitated to create memes out of the viral yearly roundup.

Here are some of the funniest and most creative memes of Spotify Wrapped 2020.

If other websites had a ‘Wrapped’ style round-up

Having their listening habits revealed via the form of a colorful slideshow has definitely got people curious about what their habits on other websites are like. Some creative internet users have posted some brilliant plays on what a LinkedIn or a dating app round-up would be like, and the results hit a little too close to home for many.



Yo @hinge and @bumble hit my line

♬ original sound – Reider

The most popular artists of the year

In rare cases people may find that their top artists are unsurprising, but many known exactly the people who will appear on their top list. Of course some of the biggest artists crop up year after year, like Ariana Grande who has scooped up a huge amount of engagement on the platform this year. Despite their top five being a sea of familiar faces, users have been finding their round-up as exciting as ever.

Screenshot of a tweet about Spotify Wrapped

(Via Twitter: sheshecummings)

Screenshot of a tweet about Spotify Wrapped

(Via Twitter: jeremylevick)

Room for improvement

While the breakdown of your total hours listened is fairly comprehensive, some people’s results have got them thinking that maybe Spotify Wrapped’s algorithm could be a little more fine-tuned.


From tactfully avoiding bringing up songs with bad memories attached, to giving a chance for users to make amends before the reveal of the final statistics, Spotify users have thought of it all.

Screenshot of a tweet about Spotify Wrapped

(Via Twitter: juliareinstein)

Screenshot of a tweet about Spotify Wrapped

(Via Twitter: EmmaBackhaus)

Screenshot of a tweet about Spotify Wrapped

(Via Twitter: TheNewsAtGlen)

Mixed Feelings

Twitter user AlexJackHowell seemed to hit the nail on the head for many fellow Spotify users with his tweet pointing out complaints about people who share their Spotify Wrapped results

The tweet has accumulated a whopping 600,000 likes, showing just how much of a talking point Spotify Wrapped has become, with many users rushing to check their own stats after seeing some of these brilliant memes.