Best Instagram filters: 6 filters to take your stories to the next level

Three Instagram filtersInstagram

Instagram story filters have endless possibilities and those who make them seem to have infinite creativity. It can be tough to sift through them and find the perfect one. 

Often individual filters, on Instagram or TikTok, will become a trend in their own right, but some stick around if they have lots of different creative uses. These can range from subtle enhancements to ridiculous or comical.

We’ve gone through some of the most popular filters right now and narrowed them down to five of the best that you need to know about, to transform your story with the click of a button.

Blogger presets by ya_gadya

Instagram filter Blogger Presets chandelier in ornate corridor

This filter can help you achieve the perfect lighting for an aesthetically pleasing story. It comes with a whopping 15 different coloring options within one filter ranging from cool blues to warm peachy tones depending on the look you’re after, allowing you to switch up the vibe with every take.

FAVS by agusfich

instagram filter Favs collage of nike trainers

If you’re looking to show off your makeup look, outfit, a new pair of shoes, or anything you like, this filter zooms in on all the important elements and clips them together in a little aesthetically pleasing collage. Of course, it doesn’t have to be used for just fashion, using this with any content will keep your story looking fresh.

AMOR by Bryant

TikTok star Olivia Ponton using TikTok filter Amor by Bryant

Bryant is the favorite photographer of the hottest LA creators from Charlie D’Amelio to Tayler Holder, and he regularly creates Instagram filters for an impeccable influencer aesthetic akin to the style of his  One of his latest is AMOR which glitters and gives you a summery glow.

Narcissist by

Narcissist creepy instagram filter screenshot

Make it looks as though you’re kissing yourself or simply hanging out with yourself with this surrealist filter that clones your face and adds it in next to you as a floating head.

Dad’s cam by glamouraesth

Dad's cam instagram filter blonde girl wearing cowboy hat

Turn yourself into a blast from the past by using Glamouraesth’s filter Dad’s cam which makes it look like you’re being filmed through an old-school chunky camcorder.

Fairy by Iren.Kolovska

Fairy wings Instagram filter

Transform your mirror selfie by giving yourself fairy wings with this dreamy filter that comes with eight different styles to pick from.

You can also get access to filters by following specific users known for frequently creating and bringing out new filters. When you follow these users, you may also be able to unlock even more that they save for their most dedicated fans.