Captain Lee’s Below Deck crew shatters all-time tip record days after return

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Below Deck’s Season 10 cast has shattered the all-time tip record just days after Captain Lee Rosbach returned to Bravo TV’s hit show.

Captain Lee’s future might have a cloud hanging over it for Season 11, after he was taken off air for a few episodes in Season 10 and replaced with Captain Sandy Yawn.

And despite Yawn saying at one point she considered firing the entire interior team, his return was marked with an outstanding achievement – leading the crew towards a $40,000 tip.

The tip is the biggest ever seen on Bravo TV‘s hit show. The previous record-setting tip total was $35,000, back when Timothy Sykes was a primary in Season 2.

Below Deck all-time tip record smashed by Season 10 cast

He tweeted: “Now, that’s what I call a tip. To the crew, well done, record-setting tip.”

Hundreds of likes and comments of support were sent in for the Season 10 cast, since the episode aired on March 13.

In the episode, he told the crew in the tip meeting: “That’s a fat little f***er isn’t it?… Job well done, I can’t thank you enough.”

“It’s more than I thought it was gonna be. This is $40,000.”

In a second tweet, responding to somebody asking about it being a record-setting tip, he said: “It is in Below Deck history, for sure.”

How much did each person make after Below Deck’s $40,000 tip?

That leaves each member of the crew with $3,076 per person in the tip alone, which is an incredible return for a few days at sea.

Read more on how much the crew makes during the charter season here.

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