Bebe Rexha exposes ex’s insensitive text messages about her weight gain

Molly Byrne
Bebe Rexha's boyfriend shames her for her weight gain.

Bebe Rexha, who recently gained a noticeable amount of weight, broke up with her boyfriend after he called her out for looking different.

Singer Bebe Rexha and her ex-boyfriend, Keyan Safyari, had been dating since 2010. Now it appears their relationship is over and she is bringing out the receipts as to why.

Rexha, who has recently faced backlash for her weight gain, was feeling that pressure from not only fans, but her boyfriend as well.

After she gained 35 pounds, Rexha’s now ex-boyfriend, sent her a lengthy text explaining why her weight gain has had an influence on their relationship and also commented on what she should do to fix it.

Safyari even went as far as saying Rexha’s face changed, saying, “But I always said I would be honest with you and your face was changing so I told you it was.” Continuing, “Would you rather I lied to you?”

He went on to say, “You gained 35 pounds obviously you gained weight and your face changes? Should I just pretend it didn’t happen and that it’s ok?”

Bebe Rexha exposes her boyfriend for slamming her weight gain.

Though Rexha has broken up with Safyari, words cut deep, as she has already had to defend the change of her appearance after performing in front of fans, taking to Instagram to say, “I know I’ve gained weight. Humans go through fluctuations.”

Rexha has opened up about the changing of her appearance, saying “Not gonna lie it does suck and bother me when I read some comments but it comes with the territory.” 

After the breakup, she mentioned that she needed a therapist or a retreat to “get to the root of the problem,” as she knew it was time to put herself first. 

Continuing, “I’ve been learning not to judge myself and accept myself while also trying to make healthier decisions in my life.”

After sharing the text from Safyari, Rexha has yet to respond to the criticism she faced from her ex-boyfriend. She is, however, in the middle of her Best F*kin Night of My Life Tour.

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