BambinoBecky reveals how KSI stopped her from quitting YouTube

Published: 24/Jul/2020 16:27

by Jacob Hale


UK YouTuber BambinoBecky has explained how KSI completely changed her life and stopped her from quitting YouTube.

Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is undeniably the largest YouTuber to hail from the UK, and has become a professional boxer and top recording artist in his career.

On the other hand, Becky is relatively small in comparison, with little under 300,000 subscribers but growing quickly — which is why she credits him with changing her career path thanks to one simple tweet.

BambinoBecky and KSI posing
Twitter: bambinobecky
Becky and KSI have become friends throughout her time on YouTube.

In her appearance on JaackMaate’s ‘The Happy Hour’ podcast, while speaking about her life and career so far as well as the YouTube space, the pair got on to the subject of KSI and his group – the Sidemen — who remain some of the most prominent names on YouTube.

Jack brought up the subject of KSI with Becky, asking “What is the KSI stuff that you talk about?”

She said: “I remember I was working, and I said I can’t do YouTube and waitressing at the same time. So I was like, I’ll just sack off YouTube then and try make some money because I’m skint.”

“Then I went on the True Geordie podcast…” she continued. “Then a couple of months passed… and I woke up and KSI tweeted me and (fellow YouTuber) Eleanor Neale. All he did was say ‘just found my two favourite female YouTubers’ and from then on I hit 100,000.”

Timestamp 45:50

Becky revealed that prior to that, she was only on around 13-14,000 subscribers — and had made it to 100k within the week, which is a level of growth most content creators just starting out could only dream of.

Since then, she has featured in several videos with KSI, including the ever-popular Sidemen Tinder videos that have no doubt helped her move up the social media chain.

Needless to say, Becky probably doesn’t have to worry about waitressing too much anymore — and such is the power of KSI.


Nikita Dragun calls out influencer who claims her setting spray was moldy

Published: 19/Jan/2021 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and beauty guru Nikita Dragun is coming under fire after seeming to throw shade at a fellow influencer who complained that Nikita’s line of setting sprays were moldy.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, more and more makeup influencers are releasing their own product lines; from Patrick Starrr’s ‘One Size’ line to James Charles’ famous Morphe palette, there’s no shortage of products for fans to get their hands on these days.

Nikita Dragun is one of these influencers. The YouTuber unveiled her very own beauty line, Dragun Beauty, a little over two years ago — but one influencer on her PR list has sparked drama surrounding her ‘Forever Fantasy’ setting spray.

On January 12, YouTuber ‘cohlsworld’ uploaded a video that appeared to show dark flakes floating around in the purple bottle of setting spray, claiming that it “legit looks like mold.”

Dragun spoke out on the claim in a series of videos posted to her Instagram stories, stating that a “small batch” of her setting spray that had been sent out in PR packages had “crystallized ever so slightly.”

“It’s completely fine,” Dragun said. “These things happen. We are a vegan and cruelty-free brand. Mistakes happen!”

However, the outrage around the incident isn’t limited to the potential mold in the spray; rather, it’s Dragun’s reaction to the influencer who uploaded the video, with Dragun saying, “Anyone will do anything to try to get a view these days, even though they’re still irrelevant.”

“It’s not easy to be a female entrepreneur of a small business,” she continued. “But I guess it comes with the territory.”

Dragun also uploaded a captioned photo to her stories thanking her critics and stating that she loves criticism “because I want to learn and grow.”

“However, those individuals who intentionally go out of their way to try to be dramatic and rude to get views… like you couldn’t even see the email because you’re not on the PR list. That’s not how you gain success boo boo.”

Nikita Dragun discusses claims of mold in her line of setting spray.

It looks like fans and critics are divided regarding her response to the matter, with many comparing this latest incident to Jaclyn Hill’s infamous lipstick fiasco of 2019. For now, it doesn’t look like Nikita is bothered — after all, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s been harangued by commenters in the past few months, by far.