Austin McBroom’s brother accused of using Pinterest pics to fake luxury life

Georgina Smith
Landon McBroom in a car

YouTuber Landon McBroom, brother of the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom, has been accused of faking a luxury life on social media after fans found that some of his posts were taken from Pinterest and Tumblr.

Austin and Catherine McBroom from the ACE Family have been at the center of several controversies over the past few months, mostly centering around the YouTubers vs. TikTokers pay lawsuit, and legal trouble surrounding Catherine’s skincare brand Gateway 1212.

Although, this time it’s not Austin that’s in the middle of the drama, but his brother Landon. Landon also has his own YouTube channel with 160,000 subscribers and is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat where he regularly posts updates about his life.

However, some eagle-eyed fans spotted that some of Landon’s stories look awfully familiar. Upon doing some digging, they discovered that several posts he had uploaded to his story were actually originally posted to other platforms like Tumblr or Pinterest.


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The images included pictures of designer handbags, a private jet, and an image of a man and woman’s leg interwoven, which was found to have been posted to Twitter back in July.

People thought the discovery was hilarious and immediately started posting their reactions in the comment section.

‘That’s so embarrassing, if that happened to me I would stay in my house and not leave,” one replied wrote in all caps, others calling the situation “awkward” and “embarrassing.”

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Landon has yet to respond to the internet’s discovery.

This isn’t even the first time an influencer has been caught out for trying to make it seem as though they’re living a super luxury lifestyle. Back in September 2020, several influencers were exposed for using a fake private jet set to pose for Insta pics.