Harry Styles accidentally cosplayed as Miranda Sings and fans are loving it

Harry Styles next to Miranda SingsWikimedia Commons: Lovclyhes / YouTube: Miranda Sings

Fans are convinced that singer Harry Styles looked exactly like comedy YouTuber Miranda Sings after he wore an outfit remarkably similar to one of Miranda’s classic looks.

Miranda Sings is a comedy character created by actress Colleen Ballinger, who has been uploading videos to YouTube for over a decade. She’s best known for her unique look and voice and has collaborated with a huge range of YouTubers over the years.

One of the character’s most recognizable outfits is a blue pinstripe shirt with red trousers, and over the years it has become a look that most of her 10 million subscribers associate strongly with the character.

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However, many fans were surprised on September 8 after popular singer Harry Styles’ stylist posted a picture of a new concert outfit that looked almost exactly like Miranda’s iconic look.

He was wearing red trousers, a blue striped shirt, and red suspenders, and people couldn’t help but immediately draw the comparison between the two stars.

“Miranda Sings RAN so Harry could walk,” one fan wrote, uploading several images that showed the striking similarities between the two outfits.

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“Finally a decent pic of Miranda Sings on stage in Denver tonight,” another said.

Of course, Miranda herself had to respond to the comparisons, and her tweet about it got over 57,000 likes. She even went on to upload a video to her YouTube channel reacting to the fact she was trending on Twitter.

Although Styles himself has yet to respond to the comparisons to Miranda, it has certainly given the internet a good laugh.

This isn’t the first time the singer’s fashion choices have picked up traction online, as back in 2020, YouTuber Logan Paul defended Harry’s style after his Vogue cover went viral.

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