Atrioc helps remove 200k deepfakes after paying for images of female streamers

Dylan Horetski

Twitch streamer Brandon ‘Atrioc’ Ewing has revealed that he’s helped remove almost 200k deepfakes from the internet after he was caught paying for the controversial content back in January 2023.

Back in January 2023, Atrioc issued a tearful apology on stream after he accidentally revealed on stream that he had paid for deepfake images of female streamers.

He swiftly stepped down from his position in OFFBRAND, the agency he started alongside Ludwig, and announced a break from streaming.

Atrioc uploaded an update video on July 17, 2023, revealing some of the progress he’s done to help remove the controversial content.

Atrioc removes deepfakes of Amouranth & more

In the video, Atrioc revealed that he has been working with a company to automatically issue DMCAs to remove deepfake content across the internet.

With an initial budget of $100,000 and a goal to remove 100k pieces of deepfake content, Ewing revealed that he and his team blew through both goals.

“We didn’t hit that number, we smashed it. I’m super proud to say that as of July 9, 2023, we got 193,000 things taken down,” he said. “We did it with $122,000.”

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Atrioc went on to explain that he worked with large creators like Amouranth but also smaller content creators who reached out to him. With a lot of the smaller creators, he was able to remove 100% of what they requested to have taken down.

The Twitch streamer also revealed that he was able to help get entire subreddits that featured deepfake images of female streamers removed from the platform as well.

With everything accomplished, Atrioc will be returning to content full-time soon — ending his break after six months.

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