Asmongold explains why people are “naive” to think streamers are anything like them

asmongold in Twitch streamTwitch: asmongold

Popular WoW streamer Asmongold told viewers that it’s “naive” to think any big streamer out there leads a life similar to theirs, especially with all of the money being made these days.

One of the biggest draws of streaming is the relationship viewers feel they develop with their favorite creator, but it might not be wise to start thinking big-name streamers are anything like the rest of us.

There was definitely time in the early days of streaming when it could be said the big streamers were similar to your average gamer, but no more. In the year 2021 there’s so much money going around, influencers on Twitch and YouTube are in a whole other tax bracket than most, according to Asmongold.

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Twitch: asmongold
Asmon has been a big name in streaming for years, so he would definitely know how the game is played.

While playing some WoW Shadowlands on a secondary channel, Asmon went on a soliloquy about why it was “naive” to believe that your favorite famous streamer is just like you, or even comparable.

“To some degree, ‘relatability’ is important, sure,” Asmon remarked. “But, I really think that people are very naive, when they think that many streamers are ‘oh he’s just like me.'”

The simple fact is, according to Asmongold and our own sources, the biggest streamers easily pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from just broadcasting, and them some outside of their streams as well.

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“This person’s nothing like you, they’re making $50,000 a month playing video games, they have people paying them $10,000 to make tweets,” he explained. “They’re buying brand-new cars all the time, like, it’s just a complete facade.”

Thinking your favorite influencer is just like you isn’t something that’s unique to streaming fans. You see it all the time in celebrity and musician fandoms, and the same arguments against that kind of idolization as Asmongold was talking about.

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In the end, there’s nothing stopping streamers from appearing ‘relatable,’ in fact it’s what makes most of them entertaining to watch. But it does help to remember that, even though they might be playing the same games you are, the life they lead is vastly different.

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