Asmongold delivers perfect response to viewer complaining about his Twitch streams

. 1 year ago
Asmongold Twitch

Asmongold let a Twitch viewer have it as they complained about the introduction phase of Asmongold’s recent streams which involve reacting to videos.

Asmongold, who made his popularity on Twitch through World of Warcraft, has recently branched out into streaming other MMO’s like Final Fantasy XIV and Ashes of Creation.

Streaming other games has increased his popularity, as he now regularly sits above 100k concurrent viewers each day. He took to Twitter to assure his followers he wouldn’t be abandoning WoW forever.

Asmongold also begins each of his streams in the Just Chatting category, where he takes time to talk about plans for the stream that day and react to videos. One viewer decided to complain about this portion of the stream, and Asmongold laid into him with some very heated words.

In the clip, he told the viewer, “‘Oh, another two hours intro?’ Listen, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m gonna time you out for the whole day… I don’t wanna hear about you complaining about the way that I stream.

“Shut up, sit down and stop crying. I’m gonna talk about what I want to talk about. I’m gonna react to the videos I want to react to. And after that, I’m also gonna do what I want after that. You know why? Because it’s my stream. Shut the f**k up.”

Asmongold clearly wasn’t too happy with being told how to stream by a viewer. He hasn’t minced words in the past with his viewers, recently telling viewers badgering him about quitting WoW to take a walk.

Asmongold ears
Asmongold gearing up to play Final Fantasy XIV.

Asmongold posts his reactions to videos on his YouTube channel, where he sits at over 600k subscribers. The Just Chatting portion of his stream is working well for him.

Let this clip be a lesson to anybody who wants to complain in Asmongold’s chat.

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