Asmongold defends Dream after finally admitting to Minecraft speedrun cheating

Asmongold talking into a mic and dream on YouTubeTwitch: Asmongold/Twitter: Dream

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold stepped in to defend Dream’s apology over the Minecraft speedrunning drama, saying he acted as anyone else would if they had people try to expose him. 

Thanks to his Minecraft videos, Dream exploded in popularity in 2020, gaining huge followings across social media, especially on both YouTube and Twitter.

However, the Minecraft YouTuber was plunged into controversy in December when one of his trademark speedrun records was rejected over alleged cheating, something which he denied for quite a while. Dream even had an astrophysicist try and clear him from any wrongdoing.

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Despite trying to clear his name, on May 29, Dream finally admitted to having cheats enabled for his speedruns which upped the spawn rate of some key items. Some long-time doubters have taken a victory lap following Dream’s apology, but others have also defended him.

Dream finally admitted that he had some cheats enabled for his speedruns.

That includes popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold who said that Dream only acted as he did, because he’s human, and anyone else who was only so much pressure would have done the same thing.R

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“I mean after reading the apology, he admitted fault in a half dozen different ways and that the run was illegitimate,” Asmon tweeted after the apology did the rounds on social media.

“Even though he did kinda play victim, he probably had millions of people trying to “expose” him or talk s**t about him. I think that would f**k with anyone’s head.”

The Twitch star further added that anyone who was being “pushed” like Dream was would have gone into defense mode anyway.

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“If you look at him as a person rather than an entity, it makes sense for him to act the way he did,” he added.

Dream hasn’t uploaded a speedrun since the drama kicked off, but he has been active in the Minecraft community still, taking part his own DreamSMP server and the Minecraft Championship.

It remains to be seen if he’ll ever return to speedrunning now that he’s cleared things up, but some fans will be hoping he does.

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