Are your favorite YouTubers sociopaths? Shane Dawson’s latest docuseries explores the possibility

Shane Dawson’s latest episode in his docuseries ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ takes a deep dive into the world of sociopaths – and comes to a frightening conclusion.

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Dawson visited with therapist and YouTuber Kati Morton to discuss the probability of Jake Paul being a sociopath, but ended up questioning many other icons in the YouTube sphere.

Morton described the textbook traits of the demographic, stating that sociopaths feel no empathy, view people as pawns to be used, and have a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.

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However, she also noted that they are instantly likeable and charismatic, and stated that one in 25 individuals possesses Antisocial Personality Disorder.

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Dawson appeared to be very shaken by this news, and noted throughout their conversation that these traits could apply to many of YouTube’s top personalities.

“What she described is so many people I know and so many people I’ve met, worked with and been friends with,” he stated after their session. “Anybody can be a sociopath. Anybody.”

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However, they also noted that many YouTubers put on an act for the camera, and could just as easily be portraying a character rather than actually exhibiting sociopathic traits. Morton noted that she would need to meet and gain a better understanding of Paul before giving him an official diagnosis.

This second episode of Dawson’s series is currently trending at the number one spot on YouTube. With the upcoming episode titled ‘Understanding the Family,’ the series could go on to explore both Logan Paul and Greg Paul’s own controversies, both of which have earned them ample criticism. 

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