Are Katie and Ross from Below Deck still together? Season 10 relationship explained

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Below Deck viewers were in for a relationship rollercoaster in Season 10, with Katie and Ross hooking up on the high seas… But are they still together? Here’s everything we know.

The US version of Below Deck never disappoints when it comes to drama, and its success has led to other spinoffs such as Below Deck: Down Under, Mediterranean, and Sailing Yacht.

In Season 10, Captain Lee was forced to exit mid-charter season on medical grounds, with Captain Sandy – from the Med series – coming in to replace him. And there was a relationship saga among the crew she adopted.

Let’s take a look at everything that happened between Katie Glaser and Ross McHarg – as well as whether they are still together…

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What happened to Katie and Ross?

Katie and Ross were caught in a ‘boatmance’ in Below Deck Season 10, the US series.

The pair regularly kissed on the luxury charter boat, but things were not always plain sailing between them – partly due to Ross getting drunk during breaks, and smooching with fellow Below Deck star Alyssa.

As the season developed, the love triangle become one of the most dramatic storylines of the series.

Watch one of the most dramatic moments of their love triangle below, from Hayu.

Are Katie and Ross still together from Below Deck?

In an exclusive interview with E News, Katie confirmed she and Ross are no longer in a relationship.

She said: “We both live on opposite sides of the world. He went his way after the show. At the end of the day, we decided what happened on the boat was what it was, and after the boat we both went our separate ways.”

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Katie confirmed they have spoken after the show ended and thinks her co-worker, Alyssa, was just flirting with Ross to get under her skin during the charter season.

Whether or not these three will work together again in the future remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, their love triangle won’t be rekindled off screen.