Another member of the FaZe Clan has moved into their Fortnite team mansion

Virginia Glaze

FaZe Clan content creator Avery ‘Avxry’ Lopriore has moved into the FaZe team house, alongside teammates FaZe Adapt and FaZe Tfue.

FaZe Adapt revealed the news in a YouTube video, where he stated that Avxry had moved into the mansion approximately a week before the vlog’s release on September 17.

Avxry is a content creator for the FaZe esports and entertainment organization, with over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 120,000 followers on Twitch. He is known for his popular Fortnite YouTube videos, and streams nearly every day on the platform.

Avxry joined FaZe Clan in June of 2018 to warm welcomes. With his popular Fortnite channel, his move to the FaZe Fortnite house falls in line with the org’s strategy of bringing their Fortnite pros together under one roof.

FaZe started his YouTube channel back in 2009, where he uploaded videos playing Call of Duty: Zombies. He has since moved on to Fortnite, garnering a massive audience under the title.

Adapt finished off the introductory video with a VOD of the duo’s 30-kill gameplay. He stated that he hadn’t uploaded many FaZe house videos yet due to his teammate’s hectic schedules and recent moves into the mansion, but promised more content in the future.

The eleven-bedroom abode now houses Avxry, Adapt, Temperrr, Cizzorz, and Tfue. Adapt stated that he was “really excited” to have Avxry as a housemate, and gave viewers a sneak peek of the player’s rather spartan quarters.

With several more bedrooms left to fill, fans can expect more FaZe Clan members to make the move in the near future.