Andrew Schulz says The Last of Us show proves HBO is the “GOAT”

Andrew Schulz praises HBO The Last of Us ShowHBO / YouTube: FLAGRANT CLIPS

Comedian Andrew Schulz is a huge fan of HBO’s The Last of Us series, saying the video-game inspired show is proof that the television network is “the GOAT.”

The Last of Us is the latest triple-A video game franchise to get the Hollywood treatment — but this time, it’s spot-on.

Fans of the post-apocalyptic games are raving about how accurate the show has been to its source material, even providing one-to-one comparisons between both mediums that are making gamers go gaga.

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The show has even gotten the biggest second-episode viewership bump in the company’s history, and it’s clear that both gamers and non-gamers alike are huge fans… and this includes Andrew Schulz.

Andrew Schulz praises The Last of Us and Bella Ramsey

Schulz spoke out on HBO’s hottest new show during a recent episode of the FLAGRANT podcast, where he raved about how the realism of the series really drew him in.

“The Last of Us — fire. HBO are the f*cking GOATS,” he began. “The girl [Bella Ramsey] is a f*cking amazing actress. But we haven’t seen her really flex. We saw her flex in Game of Thrones. She was the f*ckin’ sh*t.”

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“What I thought was interesting about this was the recreation of society,” he continued. “What do we do when everything falls apart? …So it starts at least in Boston, what’s happening? How have they restructured it? What’s going on? It’s fire. It is a zombie show, but even the premise of it is amazing.”

He went on to explain how the inclusion of the Cordyceps fungi and scientific explanations added extra realism to the show, drawing him in even further.

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“It’s a really plausible scenario to get me invested in a zombie-type thing,” he said. “And now I have reality, everything is based [on reality], and I’m still trying to run away from things that want to devour me.”

Schulz’s comments about The Last of Us echo the sentiments of fans all over the net — one of whom decided to create a strikingly accurate costume of a ‘Clicker’ zombie that left viewers stunned.

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