Andrew Schulz responds to Dave Chappelle’s “dismissive” comments on Joe Rogan Podcast

Andrew Schulz next to Dave ChapelleNetflix / YouTube: JRE Clips

Comedian Andrew Schulz addressed Dave Chappelle’s comments about his brand of online comedy. The Instagram artist felt the Chappelle’s Show creator was being “dismissive” of him while on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

During the May 11 episode of the Flagarant 2 podcast, comedian Andrew Schulz responded to comments Dave Chappelle had made about him while doing an interview with Joe Rogan.

The 37-year-old Instagram creator argued that the stand-up comedian was being a little dismissive, and argued that he got famous for his stint on the Chappelle’s Show first before doing live comedy.

Andrew Schulz addressing Dave Chapelle on the Flagrant 2 podcastYouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips
Schulz addressed Chapelle’s comments about his work.

Andrew Schulz responds to Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle finally made his long-requested solo appearance on the May 7 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The two discussed a variety of topics which included fellow comedian Andrew Schulz’ brand of comedy. While the MMA commentator praised the 37-year-old’s Instagram videos and Netflix special, Schulz Saves America, as “innovative”, Chapelle said it wasn’t for him or something he was interested in.

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Addressing the take, Schulz said that he understood why he would be off put by his work at first. “I would have reacted the same way as Dave, given how I was described. If Dave has no clue who I am in terms of stand-up. Joe’s like describing this YouTuber Instagram comedy. So I understand that first reaction,” he said.

The Instagram comic said he found the overall opinion to be dismissive. “But then when Joe was like “No he’s a stand-up it’s different, he found a way to evolve within the times,” I think he was a little bit dismissive to it. And he’s like “that’s not my type of comedy.” I guess the only push back I would give there is Dave is a household name not because of stand-up, but because a different type of comedy.”

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(Topic starts at 4:40)

The 37-year old was making reference to the fact that Dave Chappelle’s 2003 hit show revolved around skits and not live comedy: “Sketch show is what made him a household name. Like if you are thinking about iconic Chappelle lines, you’re thinking of lines from the show. It’s not like he didn’t make it through stand-up, he used something else and then when we saw his stand-up we were like ‘Holy s**t, this guy’s prolific.'”

The Flagrant 2 host also defended making his online comedy sketches during lockdowns, stating that not every comedian could afford to do live shows with necessary medical safety protocols. “We’re also not multi-millionaires, who we can test every-person who comes to do a show in a barn. I don’t have a barn. Most people don’t have barns. There were limitations to what we could. And we worked around those limitations.”

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However, Andrew Schulz wanted to make it clear that people were overreacting over Chappelle’s comments. “People made too much of it, like there is some beef. Like he’s hating on me or shade. I really don’t think it was that,” he said. He also went on to praise the creator numerous times, calling him “brilliant” in stand-up and one of the “original legends” of the art form.