Dave Chappelle makes long awaited appearance on Joe Rogan podcast

Brent Koepp
Joe Rogan next to Dave Chapelle during the JRE podcast
YouTube: JRE Clips

After years of anticipation, Dave Chapelle finally made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for his own episode. The comic legend revealed why he thought his life was over after walking away from the Chapelle’s Show.

It was inevitable that Chapelle would eventually sit down for his own podcast on the Joe Rogan Experience. The star is not only close friends with the UFC commentator, but the duo have been co-headlining sold-out shows together across Texas over the last year.

In 2020, the Legend even made a brief appearance on the JRE in support of his friend Donnell Rawlings. On May 7, fans finally got their wish as the former Chapelle’s Show creator finally sat down for a tell-all interview where he opened about about a wide range of subjects such as fame, depression, and what brought him out of retirement and back to stand-up comedy.

Rogan sits down with Dave Chapelle during JRE podcast
YouTube: JRE Clips
After years of anticipation Dave Chapelle sat down with Rogan for a solo interview.

Dave Chapelle finally does full podcast with Joe Rogan

In 2005, Dave Chapelle stunned the entertainment industry when he quit Chapelle’s Show at the height of its popularity. The comedian instantly became a legend after walking away from millions of dollars in favor of upholding his artistic integrity. During the May 7 episode of the JRE, the star explained why he believed the decision would end his career. “As far as I was concerned my career was over,” he said to Rogan.

“When it was happening. I had never seen these things before. I didn’t see anyone else do this and get back up,” Chapelle said. He also revealed how the press and media attacked his decision. “The drum beat was ‘he’s crazy, he smokes crack ,he’s this and that.’ It was a wild experience. Even the way people close to [me] acted like I had failed or like I ruined my life.” He told Rogan that even close friends and agents would stop calling him in the following years.

Despite the tumultuous times, Chapelle confessed that it was “freeing” and explained how it changed his outlook on life. “I started doing stand-up for much better reasons then making it. I still enjoyed it. I started SEEING the places I was performing.” The comic followed this up by detailing how he likes to experience the places he performs at and meet the people that live there rather than treat it like one more location on a tour.

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Interestingly, Chapelle told Rogan that he was lucky that his decision to walk away from everything paid off, and wouldn’t recommend others following what he did. “I would not recommend quitting your show the way I did, if you can avoid it. I promise I wasn’t trying to be cool. It was a series of trouble-shooting. I’m lucky.”

The comic legend also stated that social media played a big role in him getting paid what he was owed. “In another time would I have gotten that money? I don’t think so,” he exclaimed, before crediting comment sections, petition lists, and forums for helping bring awareness to his situation.

It was his birthday which got Dave Chapelle back into standup, as the comedian literally just showed up at a random bar and an improvised set for 3-4 hours. “Best birthday I ever had. I just decided I’m going to have fun.”